More people read

in Digital Format

Print books are still high in demand, but more people are turning to eBooks.

eBook Conversion

eBooks are made up of flowing text that adjusts based on the screen or device the reader is using. Properly converting your publication using the formatting standards required for the various devices is essential for a positive reader experience and the success of your eBook. Page Publishing will perform the conversion of your book into ePub and AZW formats needed for Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and all Google devices. In an effort to safeguard your work, Page Publishing employs Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to prevent illegal sharing. This feature helps ensure your due royalties for each copy sold.

Publication Coordinator

A publication coordinator will be assigned to you and will work with you throughout the entire process

Full-Copy Edit

There is no substitute for the fresh perspective, experience, and insight a professional editor adds.

ISBN and Barcode

We will obtain the necessary ISBNs and barcodes to sell your book.

Page Design

Our artists will take your finished manuscript and create a book interior ready for print.

Cover Design

A designated cover artist will produce a distinct, premium cover design based on your input.

Your Printed Book

Your professionally printed book will have a glossy full color cover and “perfect” binding.

Ebook Conversion

eBooks are made up of flowing text that adjusts based on the screen or device that you are reading on.


We provide distribution of your printed book to retailers nationwide.

Custom Author Web Page

We will create a customized author web page based on you and your book.


Your publicity team will prepare press materials to assist in the promotion of your book.